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roused to ire;
arising from anger;
filled with or characterized by boredom;
someone who has a parent in common with another;
one related to another by common ties or interests;
a value that summarizes the general signifance of a set of unequal values;
being about midway between extremes;
not out of the ordinary;
to be average;
physical magnitude, extent, or bulk;
one of a series of graduated measures especially of manufactured articles conventionally identified by numbers or letters;
character, quality, or status of a person or thing with reference to importance, relative merit, or correspondence to needs;
actual state of affairs;
marked with spots;
being sullied;
characterized by the appearence of spots;
a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other;
a division of a larger contest;
the manner of playing in a contest;
a particular aspect or phase of play in a game or sport;
the set of rules governing a game;
an activity engaged in for diversion or amusement;
an illegal or shady scheme or maneuver;
willing or ready to proceed;
of or relating to the game;
to be a gnome;
to manipulate, exploit, or cheat in a system slyly or dishonestly for personal gain;
to pursue for food or in sport;
to attempt to find something;
to express indirectly;
to involve or indicate by inference, association, or necessary consequence rather than by direct statement;
to contain, potentially;
to endure bravely or quietly;
trans rights;
to promote the interests or the cause of;
to uphold or defend as valid or right;
to pay the costs of;
to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for;
to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage;
the act or process of supporting;
having no taste;
not having or exhibiting good taste;
arousing no interest;
to analyze the arrangement and connection of words in a sentence or sentence part;
to understand or explain the sense or intention of usually in a particular way or with respect to a given set of circumstances;
to construe a sentence or sentence part especially in connection with translating;
an act or the result of construing especially by piecemeal translation;
the unified control of all aspects of production from raw materials through distribution of finished products;
control gained by enforcing obedience or order, orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior;
training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character;
a field of study;
a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity;
to punish or penalize for the sake of enforcing obedience and perfecting moral character;
to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control;
to bring (a group) under control, to impose order upon;
to become pregnant;
to cause to begin;
to take into one's mind;
to form a conception of;
to understand;
to have an opinion;
a faculty member of the highest academic rank at an institution of higher education;
a teacher at a university or college;
one that teaches or professes a special knowledge of an art;
a word or expression that has a precise meaning in some uses;
expression of a specified kind;
a limited extent of time;
the time for which something lasts;
to take to or upon oneself;
to place oneself in;
to pretend to have or be;
to take as granted or true;
to take over;
to put on;
to receive;
to take into use;
to exhibit;
to offer for sale;
to perform;
to point out;
direct attention to;
to set forth, declare, allege, plead;
to demonstrate or establish by argument or reasoning, inform, instruct;
to present for judging in a show;
to appear in a particular way, seem, appear;
to exhibit one's artistic work;
to tell someone to get out;
natural scenery;
the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing;
humankind's original or natural condition, a simplified mode of life resembling this condition;
a kind or class usually distinguished by fundamental essential characteristics;
the physical constitution or drives of an organism;
the genetically controlled qualities of an organism;
a creative and controlling force in the universe;
an inner force (instinct, appetite, desire) or the sum of such forces in an individual;
spontaneus attitude;
stretched tight, made taut, rigid;
feeling or showing nervous, tension, marked by strain or suspense;
produced with the muscles involved in a relatively tense state;
a distinction of form in a content word to express distinctions of time or duration of the action or state it denotes;
a set of inflectional forms of a content word that express distinctions of time;
an inflectional form of a content word expressing a specific time distinction;
to have possession or ownership of or have at one's disposal;
to have as a privilege or position of responsibility;
to have as a mark of distinction;
to keep under restraint;
to prevent free expression of;
to prevent from some action;
to keep back from use;
to delay temporarily the handling of;
to make liable or accountable or bound to an obligation;
to have or maintain in the grasp;
to support in a particular position or keep from falling or moving;
to bear the pressure of;
support, aim, point;
to prevent from leaving or getting away;
to avoid emitting or letting out;
to restrain as a captive;
to have strong appeal to;
to enclose and keep in a container or within bounds;
to be able to consume easily or without undue effect;
to have as a principal or essential feature or attribute;
to have in store;
to have in the mind or express as a judgment or opinion;
to think of in a particular way;
to cover a part of the body with one or both hands for protection or comfort;
to maintain position, refuse to give ground;
to continue in the same way or to the same degree;
intense hostility and aversion, extreme dislike or disgust;
a systematic and especially politically exploited expression of hatred;
an object of hatred;
to regard with active hostility, to have a strong aversion to;
to find very distasteful;
a large organized body of armed personnel trained for war;
a unit capable of independent action;
a great multitude, multiple, many;
a body of persons organized to advance a cause;
a lightning strike;
a wood or metal bar or rod used to fasten a door;
the part of a lock that is shot or withdrawn by the key;
a roll of cloth or wallpaper of specified length;
to move suddenly or nervously;
to move or proceed rapidly;
to break away from control or set course;
to dart off or away;
to break away from or oppose one's previous affiliation;
to secure with a bolt;
to attach or fasten with bolts;
to eat hastily or without chewing;
to say impulsively;
in an erect or straight-backed position;
a building for religious practices, a place devoted to a special purpose;
the flattened space on each side of the forehead;
one of the side supports of a pair of glasses;
the right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body;
a place or direction with respect to a center or to a line of division;
one of the longer bounding surfaces or lines of an object especially contrasted with the ends;
either surface of a thin object;
the space beside one;
an area next to something;
a slope considered as opposed to another slope;
the attitude or activity of one person or group with respect to another;
a position that is opposite to or contrasted with another;
situated on the side, of or relating to the side;
directed toward or from the side;
additional to the main portion;
to agree with, to be side by side with;
to set or put aside;
to furnish with sides or siding;
to provide with visual features intended to explain or decorate;
to make clear by giving an example, to clarify, to show clearly;
a mental grasp, comprehension;
the power to make experience intelligible by applying concepts and categories;
a mutual agreement not formally entered into but in some degree binding on each side;
friendly or harmonious relationship;
an agreement of opinion or feeling;
endowed with understanding, tolerant, sympathetic;
a child's bedroom;
something that fosters, develops, or promotes;
a place in which people are trained or educated;
a place where young animals grow or are cared for;
a means of testing;
a series of questions or exercises for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes of an individual or group;
a procedure used to identify or characterize a substance or constituent;
a critical examination, observation, or evaluation, a basis for evaluation;
an ordeal or oath required as proof of conformity with a set of beliefs;
to put to test or proof;
to require a doctrinal oath of;
to undergo a test;
to be assigned a standing or evaluation on the basis of tests;
to apply a test as a means of analysis or diagnosis;
lacking a natural, usual, or appropriate covering;
lacking any tool or weapon;
open to view, exposed;
unfurnished or scantily supplied, destitute;
having nothing left over;
devoid of amplification or adornment;
to make or lay something bare;
one that labors;
a person who does physical work for wages;
moral principles, teachings, or conduct;
the mental and emotional condition of an individual or group;
a sense of common purpose;
the level of individual psychological well-being based on such factors a sense of purpose and confidence in the future;
the main trunk of a plant;
a plant part that supports another;
the main upright member at the bow of a ship;
the bow or prow of a ship;
a line of ancestry;
the part of an inflected word that remains after the inflected part is removed;
to make headway against something;
to check or go counter to something adverse;
to remove the stem from;
to stop or dam up;
to restrain or check oneself;
to slide the heel of one ski or of both skis outward usually in making or preparing to make a turn;
having an imperfection;
at a soft volume;
a musical instrument having steel wire strings that sound when struck by felt-covered hammers operated from a keyboard;
the process of becoming pregnant;
the capacity or process of forming or understanding ideas or abstractions or their symbols;
a general idea;
a complex product of abstract or reflective thinking;
the sum of a person's ideas and beliefs concerning something;
the originating of something in the mind;
extent or lapse of time;
an action or process of solving a problem;
the answer to a problem;
an act or the process by which a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance is homogeneously mixed with a liquid or sometimes a gas or solid;
the condition of being dissolved;
a bringing or coming to an end or into a state of discontinuity;
a book for notes;
a particularly small or light laptop;
to suffocate my submersion;
to submerge;
to soak, drench, or cover with a liquid;
to engage deeply and strenuously;
to cause a sound not to be heard by making a loud noise;
to drive out, overwhelm;
to strike something with a sharp blow;
to collide with something;
a usually enclosed wagon or motortruck used for transportation of goods or animals;
a multipurpose enclosed motor vehicle having a boxlike shape, rear, or side doors, and side panels often with windows;
emphasis, emotion or confirmation;
to continue to, to keep;
coordinates modifiers in a pi-phrase or objects of a preposition;
to produce a sound;
recite, utter aloud;
to be able to, be allowed to;
hidden reality, unseen agent;
of or relating to the LGBT+ community;
pay attention to, obey;
cover, layer of privacy;
affirmative response;
touch or feel physically, interact, press;
to try to;
large domesticated animal;
animal noise or communication;
non-speech vocalization;
moon, night sky object, star;
light in the dark;
love, have compassion for, respect, show affection to;
take action on, work on;
long hard thing;
an emotion, a direct experience;
area above, highest part, something elevated;
body of a person or animal;
know, be skilled in, be wise about, have information on;
to know how to;
horizontal surface, thing to put or rest something on;
from the perspective of;
to show contempt by turning up the nose, or by a particular facial expression;
to insinuate contempt by a covert expression;
to speak derisively;
to show mirth awkwardly;
to speak in a loud distinct voice so as to be heard at a distance;
to make a request or demand;
to utter a characteristic note or cry;
to speak to or attempt to reach someone by means of a call;
to make a demand in card games;
to make a brief visit;
one who barters;
a rigid typically rectangular container;
a small space, compartment or enclosure;
a cubical building;
the limitations of conventionality;
to enclose in a box;
to fight with the fists;
a punch or a slap especially on the ear;
lacking life, spirit, or zest;
a quantity or aggregate of matter;
a large body of persons in a group;
the great body of the people as contrasted with the elite;
to form or collect into a mass;
relating to the mass of the people, being at one with the mass;
viewed as a whole;
to move forward, progress, or act with haste or eagerness or without preparation;
to push on forward with speed, impetuosity, or violence;
to urge to an unnatural or extreme speed;
to run toward or against in attack;
to lavish attention on;
a violent forward motion;
a surging of emotion;
a burst of activity, productivity, or speed;
a surge in energy following the intake of sugar or caffeine;
a sudden feeling of instense pleasure or ecitement;
requiring or marked by special speed or urgency;
to extend in a reclining position;
to reach out;
to become extended without breaking;
to go beyond what is strictly warranted in making a claim or confession;
to take a walk in order to relieve stiffness caused by prolonged sitting;
an exercise of something beyond ordinary or normal limits;
the extent to which something may be stretched;
a term of imprisonment;
longer than the standard size;
to live in a society;
companionship or association with one's fellows;
an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession;
an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another;
a natural group of plants usually of a single species or habit within an association;
on, onto, or within a vehicle;
in or into a group, association, or organization;
of, resembling, or befitting hell;
resulting from or characterized by whim or caprice;
subject to erratic behaviour or unpredictable change;
full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims;
to prove or show to be just, right or reasonable;
to judge, regard, or treat as righteous and worthy of salvation;
to space lines of text so that the lines come out even at the margin;
to show a sufficient lawful reason for an act;
extremely startling, distressing, or offensive;
full of or showing a disposition to challenge, resist, or fight;
full of or showing defiance;
affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness;
causing or associated with grief or unhappiness;
a somber colour;
to become destroyed or ruined, to cease to exist;
to cause to die;
of, relating to, or resembling cloud;
darkened by gloom or anxiety;
overcast with clouds;
obscure in meaning;
uneven in color or texture;
obscure in meaning;
strongly inclined to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly;
pleasing to the mind or feelings;
generalized term of approval;
marked by gentle good humour or kindliness;
delicately pleasing to the ear or eye;
sweet to the taste;
the pleasant taste sensation typically produced by sugars;
a pleasant or gratifying experience, possession, or state;
marked by stealth, furtiveness, or shiftiness;
violently hostile or aggressive in temperament;
marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence;
furiously active or determined;
wild or menacing in appearance;
having bold confidence or style;
distinguishable to the eye or mind as being discrete or not the same;
presenting a clear unmistakable impression;
notably decorated;
garden vegetable with succulent leaves;
something trivial;
a position of responsibility or some degree of executive authority;
a prescribed form or service of worship;
a ceremonial observance;
a place where a particular kind of business is transacted or a service is supplied;
the place in which a professional person conducts business;
seeking to avenge;
serving to gain vengeance;
general interjection, context-dependent;
indirect insult or disrespect;
eliciting or stimulating a positive sensory experience;
acknowledgement or acceptance;
to speak a non-Toki Pona language in an environment where Toki Pona is more appropriate;
to agree with laughter;
word reserved for future use by Sonja Lang;
neither one not the other, neither fully is nor isn't;
a squishy animal;
transparent material, lack of privacy;
to remove obstructions;
to block the way, to interrupt;
something that can be compressed and will try to go back to its original shape;
wanting to create new words;
on a higher tier/plane, to an exceedingly great extent;
amaze people by being on the top of the leaderboard;
something that appears to break the rules but doesn't;
leave and come back, be temporarily absent with the expectation of returning;
to revise your old creative works and actually make them worse;
to ask for as a charity;
to ask earnestly for;
an oval figure or object;
a racetrack in the shape of an oval or a rectangle having rounded corners;
an instrument or implement of steel;
a thrusting or cutting weapon;
a piece of steel for striking sparks from flint;
to overlay, point, or edge with steel;
to fill with resolution or determination;
made of steel;
resembling steel;
the act or fact of being unable to keep or maintain something or someone;
the harm or privation resulting from losing or being separated from someone or something;
an instance of losing someone or something;
a person or thing or an amount that is lost;
failure to gain, win, obtain, or utilize;
uncertain as to how to proceed;
into a state of distress;
an act or instance of observing a custom, rule, or law;
an act of recognizing and noting a fact or occurence;
a judgment from what one has observed;
to address with expression of kind wishes upon meeting or arrival;
to appear to the perception of;
causing fear;
to write, engrave, or print as a lasting record;
to enter on a list;
to dedicate to someone;
to draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible;
to give the impression of being;
to establish or apply by authority;
to arrange in the proper order;
relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture;
to come upon accidentally;
to meet with a particular reception;
to come upon by searching or effort;
an act or instance of finding;
something found, such as a valuable discovery;
a person whose ability proves to be unexpectedly good;
marked by or causing hilarity;
having a just or legally established claim;
to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction;
to maintain the status or integrity of something through financial or legal guarantees;
to provide a guard or shield;
an act or instance of passing through the air by the use of wings;
the ability to fly;
a trip made by airplane or spacecraft;
a group of similar beings or objects flying through the air together;
a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display;
a continuous series of stairs from one landing or floor to another;
an act of running away;
impressively high or great;
reaching a high point of intensity;
going beyond proper bounds;
to cause to feel horror;
to fill with distaste;
following in time, order, or place;
a large seagoing vessel;
to wishfully regard specific people as being or having the potential to become romantically involved with one another;
something showing, exhibiting, or embodying a quality or state;
a tuft of hair;
a fastening operated by a key or a combination;
the mechanism for exploding the charge or cartridge of a firearm;
an intricate mass of objects impeding each other;
one that is assured of success or favourable outcome;
to hold in a close embrace;
to grapple in combat;
to be capable of being locked;
to come into conflict;
having an indentation or inward curve;
having an unfilled or hollowed-out space within;
lacking in real value, sincerity, or substance;
reverberating like a sound made by beating on a large empty enclosure;
an unfilled space;
a depressed or low part of a surface;
to remove the inside of;
to become hollow;
unusually good;
to cry out or speak in strong or sudden emotion;
to speak loudly or vehemently;
to utter sharply, passionately, or vehemently;
to utter or emit an acute piercing sound;
having a sharp or vivid effect on the senses;
to spread by scattering;
to become dispersed;
to tread heavily;
to inflict injury or destruction contemptuously or ruthlessly;
to crush, injure, or destroy by treading;
having qualities that bring about a favourable regard;
a meaning conveyed or intended;
a specialized function by which an animal receives and responds to external or internal stimuli;
conscious awareness or rationality;
a particular kind or quality of sensation;
a definite but often vague awareness or impression;
to become conscious of;
to detect automatically in response to a physical stimulus;
to inhale and exhale freely;
to pause and rest before continuing;
to feel free of restraint;
to spend a great deal of time, thought, or effort on something;
a level of study in an elementary, middle, or secondary school that is completed by a student during one year;
a position in a scale of ranks or qualities;
to arrange in grades;
to form a series;
feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace;
reluctant or unwilling to do something because of shame or embarrassment;
to continue in a situation with slight difficulty;
an unevenness of surface;
something grating to the feelings;
to utter a sudden loud cry;
to command attention by shouting;
to utter in a loud voice;
to cause to be by shouting;
a loud cry or call;
to conceal by covering with earth;
to cover from view;
to conceal in obscurity;
to put a playing card out of play by placing it in or under the dealer's pack;
to settle a disagreement, become reconciled;
the sound that follows a flash of lightning;
a loud utterance or threat;
relating to the community at large;
belonging to or shared by two or more individuals;
belonging equally to two or more mathematical entities;
occuring or appearing frequently;
characterized by a lack of privilege or special status;
a piece of land subject to common use;
to destroy with fire;
to open wide;
a seat typically having four legs and a back;
to make or set right;
to discipline or punish someone for some fault or lapse;
to point out the errors or faults of someone;
conforming to an approved or conventional standard;
conforming to or agreeing with a fact, logic, or known truth;
possessing or deserving glory;
marked by great beauty or splendor;
to disturb the peace;
to seize with teeth;
to wound, pierce or sting with a fang;
to bit or have the habit of biting something;
long-eared short-tailed mammals with long hind legs
to hit a home run;
aware of and actively attentive to the important facts and issues;
to come into possession or control of by unspecified means;
to locate and hold;
an english apple of a variety often sold after being dried in the oven;
the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit;
a beautiful person;
a group of individuals living under one roof;
a group of things related by common characteristics;
a unit of a crime syndicate (such as the Mafia) operating within a geographical area;
to send an instant message to;
to communicate by instant message;
an unintentional revelation or betrayal;
the act of giving something away for free;
fully developed and mature;